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Cu Dubh

What is Cu Dubh?
Cu Dubh (Scots Gaelic) for black dog is our way of life, our sense of being.
We are crofters and weavers in the Outer Hebrides.  We live on our croft in Lemreway, South Lochs, Isle of Lewis with beautiful views to the Isle of Harris, the Shiant Isles and on a clear day Skye.  Having  moved from the manic, stressful Monday to Friday routine, we now take our time, enjoy each day to the fullest and appreciate our surroundings.
Our Pedigree Icelandic Flock
We are qualified Harris Tweed weavers and hand weave bespoke material using a traditional wooden loom, hand throwing each thread of wool, in the same way that Harris Tweed was being woven a hundred years ago.  The aim of our using such traditional and time intensive methods is to create a material that is unique and authentic. We are currently the only weavers in the Outer Hebrides to create tweed in this manner as all other Harris Tweed is made using either the Hattersly or Bonus Griffith Double Width Loom, both of which are powered by the legs of the weaver, but the shuttle carrying the weft is driven automatically, as is the turning of the machine. 
Our loom is completely hand controlled, from turning the beams, to throwing the shuttle and beating down each thread of wool.  It is a method that certainly takes longer but has a far different effect on the material, producing cloth that is softer, springer, and reminensent of Harris Tweed of yesteryear.

We are happy to make individual and unique tweed to order, be it in single yards, or in lengths of 12 yards (multiple lengths can be ordered to enable tailoring), or even individual shawls or scarves etc. dependant on quanities of wool available. 

For more information about our  Harris Tweed please visit the Cu Dubh Harris Tweed page , or for our unique Icelandic Tweed visit our I celandic Tweed page .

We have a flock of rare, pedigree Icelandic sheep that we keep on our croft where they graze and browse the natural available fauna, especially enjoying bracken, nettles, seaweed and heather.

Icelandic sheep are an ancient breed, unchanged since the Viking era. They are classified as a Northern Short Tail breed as they have a small fluke shaped tail. They are a "multi use" breed. that is, they can be used for the fleece, the meat, and they can be milked.

We have a small quantity of heather fed lamb and mutton for sale.  Available as either, half or whole carcass, or butchered. 

For information on Icelandic lamb and mutton please visit our meat for sale .

As part of our 'use all' ethos we also sell our own Icelandic Sheepskins.  99.9% of the other Icelandic sheepskins on offer in the UK are imported and are frequently dyed.  Ours are processed within 50 miles of where they have lived and are undyed, guaranteeing you a pedigree Icelandic skin from our own flock with the colours that nature blessed it with.  We also have buttons and fastenings handmade and handpolished from the horns and bones of our sheep.